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95% Performance Guaranteed

Omnidian’s award-winning teams have been protecting the large-scale residential solar portfolios of our Fortune 1000 clients and now - the industry’s leading Residential Solar Protection Plan with a 95% Performance Guarantee is available to homeowners through select Elite and Premier Dealers.

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Shielding You from Energy Loss

Professional Monitoring Around The Clock!

Our proprietary 24/7 remote monitoring systems are responsible for protecting the portfolios of our Fortune 1000 clients and now – they are available to you. We’ll know if your system is underperforming, often before you do. If your system requires maintenance, our team will notify your installer!

Live Support | 100% Covered Maintenance

100% covered system maintenance for all system parts and components— including wiring and inverters.

Toll free unlimited access to our Seattle Operations Center providing live, real-time diagnostics of your system by solar experts.

Complimentary Quarterly Performance Reports, verifying the health of your system.

Performance, Guaranteed. Or We Pay You!

Every year – if your system generates less than 95% of forecasted energy, we pay you for energy loss even if you experienced a bout of bad weather! Homeowners are responsible for keeping panels clean and free of shading – but if that happens – we’ll let you know!

SunShot Initiative | U.S. Department of Energy

In 2017, Omnidian was awarded the Department of Energy SunShot grant, which accelerates the development of highly impactful solar energy technologies.


  • Glad to see that someone is still around looking after my solar installation and cares about customer satisfaction.
    M. Matthews
    Silver Spring, MD
  • 5 stars for the people I have worked with. 4 stars for the time it took to correct the situation. 10 stars for your team faithfully hanging on to bring the correction to fruition!!!
    T. Ferrell
    Elliott City, MD
  • Your company very much understands customer service. You certainly could teach some of my other providers. Everybody I dealt with at your company has been great. Again, thank you very much.
    R. Hoffman
    Arvada, CO
  • 10,000% above what I received from the last company. Thank you!
    P. Shindle
    Napa, CA
  • I received exactly what I requested in a timely fashion. I couldn't ask for better service.
    D. Stoddard
    Trabuco Canyon, CA
  • I think Sara Murphy has provided the best customer service I've ever encountered in my 64+ years. She's intelligent, prompt, thorough and caring -- a real asset to Omnidian and its customers.
    D. Scherer
    Orinda, CA
  • It was an easy and smooth experience to get the help I needed. Thank you.
    J. Rodgers
    Victorville, CA
  • Your representative was very professional and accurate! He explained everything in detail and did all necessary testing of our system. We were very impressed with his ability and his kindness!
    J. Gallant
    Townsend, MA
  • I have been delighted with Omnidian support and all the reps I have interacted with so far!
    Bruce C.
    Califon, NJ
  • Fast and responsive. All of my needs were met.
    D. Morgan
    Manteca, CA
  • Without exception, the Omnidian support team has always been helpful and responsive.
    B. Clark
    Califon, NJ
  • Quick and easy fix to my problem, very knowledgeable.
    J Foster
    Chico, CA
  • Very quick response from your team, thank you!
    Q. Hodek
    Boulder, CO
  • The person we spoke with was knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!
    C. Hackett
    Rome, NY
  • I'm so glad Omnidian took over the service of our solar panels. We never heard anything from the original company. They just collected their money every month and that was it. So happy with Omnidian.
    S. Dias
    Hanford, CA
  • Very polite and patient solving the problem.
    J. Mayer
    Endicott, NY
  • Quick reply with details. Everything I needed to know.
    C. Cook
    Tucson, AZ
  • It was a very good session and I received all the information I needed, including a summary of my solar system performance that I requested.
    L. De Lucchi
    Berkeley, CA
  • I requested an update on the status of my solar panels and received a prompt reply with an update that shows my yearly output.
    A. Nghiem
    Manteca, CA
  • Excellent communication to set up appointment, called to reschedule due to holiday issue. Prompt in rescheduling and very efficient in finding and fixing the internet connection. Thank you.
    P. Roberts
    Placerville, CA
  • The folks at Omnidian support have been proactive in monitoring my system and getting it running properly. Plus they have Have been uniformly a pleasure to interact with.
    F. Metcalf
    Los Angeles, CA
  • The Omnidian team has always provided responsive, friendly and competent support.
    B. Clark
    Califon, NJ
  • I felt heard, and it was a relief to speak to a real person.
    P. Nelson
    Santa Barbara, CA
  • Omnidian handled this issue quickly and professionally. I have great confidence in Omnidian now. Very quick action, thank you Omnidian!
    M. Schafer
    Greeley, CO
  • As a result of Sungevity's bankruptcy, I could no longer access online my daily solar production numbers. Fortunately, Omnidian has stepped in and very quickly responded to my requests. I can't ask for more.
    D. Morgan
    Manteca, CA
  • Thanks for being flexible and working with my schedule. I was extremely impressed with the professionalism and patience of the technician.
    B. Buckelew
    Piedmont, CA
  • Very quick and explained what was going on. Fixed everything!
    L. Roser
    Ramona, CA
  • Emily was very quick to respond and answered all my questions. She sent a Tech out within a timely manner, it was greatly appreciated.
    C. Branton
    Plumas Lake, CA
  • Pleasant and professional technicians. Didn't give up until resolved. I also appreciate the communication to keep me updated.
    D. Kuhn
    Temecula, CA
  • Great customer service very knowledgeable.
    J. Melendez
    Yuma, AZ
  • No wait. Quick response on first call.
    M. Linardon
    Walnut Creek, CA
  • Service was performed in a timely and efficient manner. No fuss no muss. Thank you.
    J. Smith
    Palm Springs, CA
  • Fast, efficient, professional customer service agents.
    R. Gellens
    San Diego, CA
  • I seldom need to contact Omnidian, but when I have, they were prompt and professional. They fixed the problem within a couple of minutes.
    G. Higgins
    Lafayette, CO
  • Knowledgeable, professional, and friendly team. Great to work with.
    A. Stucky
    Lyndhurst, NJ
  • Excellent Customer Service. I would give them 10 STARS!
    S. Niranjanan
    Foothill Ranch, CA
  • Mallory was awesome and got back to me, as promised, within the promised time.
    G. Barbera
    Scottsdale, AZ
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, professional!
    R. Fitzpatrick
    Littleton, CO
  • The issue was resolved in a timely fashion. Everyone who helped me was courteous and knowledgeable.
    T. Charney
    Cathedral City, CA
  • The Omnidian team has always provided responsive, friendly and competent support.
    B. Clark
    Califon, NJ
  • Very polite and patient solving the problem.
    J. Mayer
    Endicott, NY
  • I received nothing but the best assistance from each associate I spoke with. Professional, courteous and knowledgeable of subject matter. Matt Houser provided patient and effective support. Very prompt; call came in on time as scheduled.
    J. Rogers
    Bowie, MD
  • Their monitoring is reliable, and their customer service is excellent. I can count on them to oversee our solar power system. They have contacted me when there's been a problem, and walked me through how to correct it.
    S. Sank
    Berkeley, CA


We remove all of the burden. Our team continuously monitors your system 24/7, coordinates service calls and covers maintenance and repairs on your solar system. This level of 100% “hands-free” protection means you can enjoy total peace of mind for up to the lifetime of your solar system.

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Portfolio Owners

The Performance you were promised. The ROI you expect.

Maximize the return on your solar portfolio with our innovative technology and experienced team monitoring your portfolio 24/7. This level of attention, coupled with our performance guarantee, will increase the efficiency of your portfolio and liberate your resources and capital. This level of Omnidian protection guarantees your forecasted energy for the lifetime of your portfolio, or we reimburse you for the energy loss.

Risk Assessment
Forensic System Analysis

Omnidian’s proprietary state-of-the-art monitoring system quickly assesses individual asset performance and seamlessly integrates with major monitoring platforms to identify risks and resolve underperforming assets. We bring transparency to your portfolio.

Portfolio Management
Ensure Your ROI

Omnidian shifts the risk of maintenance and system performance from investors and portfolio owners with our performance guarantee. Our teams will monitor and manage your portfolio and ensure resolution of performance issues through our nationwide network of qualified service professionals. We protect the quality of your portfolio and the security of your investment.

Operations & Reporting
Seamless Integration

For our large-scale portfolio clients, Omnidian can seamlessly integrate billing partners, service networks, CRM systems and monitoring platforms to remove the workload from large-scale residential portfolio owners and homeowners.

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Omnidian Leadership

Unmatched experience. Unparalleled vision.

Our team has a bold vision for the residential solar sector: provide peace of mind to portfolio owners, homeowners, sellers, installers and financiers alike with a 95% performance guarantee for the lifetime of the system.

Our mission is to protect your invested capital, and we have the experience to deliver on the promise. As of inception, our team had managed nearly half of all residential solar systems ever deployed in the U.S.

Ray Szylko

Ray Szylko

Chief Strategy Officer

Steward of Strategic Alliances

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David Kenny

Chief Operating Officer

Master Engineer

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Leah Kyle

Head of HR and Talent

Culture Advocate

Brad Davis

Brad Davis

President, Consumer Direct

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Mark Liffmann

Chief Executive Officer

Industry Pioneer

Yoseff Tucker

Yoseff Tucker

Vice President of Solar Operations

Systems Protector

Tom Staples

Tom Staples

Vice President, Strategic Alliances

Industry Educator

Caroline Bec Cox

Caroline Bec Cox

Chief Financial Officer

Finance Strategist

Cedric Brehaut

Cedric Brehaut

Vice President, Consumer Products
and Client Experience

Voice of the Market

Jeff Berg

Jeff Berg

Vice President of Engineering

Tech Visionary

Aaron Thurlow

Aaron Thurlow

Vice President of Sales, Commercial & Industrial

Master Salesman

Chris Hinton

Chris Hinton

Director of Solar Operations

Performance Architect

Jarrod Warschauer

Jarrod Warschauer

Director, Strategic Alliances

Industry Expert

Doug Robertson

Doug Robertson

Director of MarCom Technology

Media Maven

Justin Sherman

Justin Sherman

Director of Service Network

Solar Networker

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Michael Stottlemyre

Director of Relationship Management

Fleet Developer

Flexible hours.  Creative workspace. Downtown energy.

Flexible hours.
Creative workspace.
Downtown energy.

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