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At Omnidian, our teams manage tens of thousands of solar systems throughout the United States every day. We protect and ensure these systems perform for our customers who range from individual solar system owners to large-scale Fortune 1000 portfolio owners.

Our teams of asset management and O&M specialists have tailored solutions specifically for commercial assets from 30kW to 3MW in size, including rooftop, ground-mount, and carport projects. We simplify your solar ownership experience while improving performance and increasing the return on your solar investment.  

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Omnidian has developed Commercial Solar Performance Plans that provide consistent and regular transparent reporting and active solar system management for:
  • Individual system owners
  • Small Business owners who have purchased or lease a solar system
  • Large Business and publicly traded companies that own or lease a portfolio of systems
  • Third-party owners with multiple assets across wide geographies

Performance Plans

Call today for a quick discussion of our plan options:
Omnidian Perform Plan
  • Proactive 24/7 Monitoring
  • Remote system diagnostics with prioritized alerts and service notifications
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency response utilizing Omnidian’s nationwide field service network
  • Monthly Performance Summary and Trends
Omnidian Guarantee Plan
Omnidian Perform Plan features plus:
  • Corrective and Emergency Maintenance services included
  • 95% Performance Guarantee
  • Your systems perform of Omnidian pays you for the shortfall even if the shortfall is due to poor weather
Customized Solutions
Omnidian offers customized plans for solar developers, EPCs and  portfolio owners looking for one of more of Omnidian’s services. Please contact Omnidian for further details.

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Customized Protection

Each protection plan is customized to our clients’ needs.  Please call or email today for a quick consultation.
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