Solar Without Fear is Here!

95% Performance Guaranteed,
Or We Pay You!

Performance, Guaranteed!

Solar is a major, long-term investment. While warranties, service contracts and monitoring apps cover some of the maintenance, none of them offer what we can guarantee — 95% performance or we’ll pay you for the energy lost.
Omnidian has been protecting the residential solar portfolios of our Fortune 1000 clients and now - this protection is available to you through select dealers.


95% Performance Guarantee
or We Pay You for Lost Energy!

100% Covered Maintenance
For Hardware, Software, Wiring and Inverters

100% Peace-of-Mind

24/7 Professional Monitoring

Proactive Service Alerts

Live Support and Diagnostics
From Our Seattle Operations Center

Less Than $13 a Month
Plus a $344 One-Time Activation Fee

How Does
The Program
Benefit You?

Professional Monitoring Around The Clock!

Our proprietary 24/7 remote monitoring systems are responsible for protecting the customers of our Fortune 1000 clients and now – they are available to you. We’ll know if your system is underperforming, often before you do. If your system requires maintenance, our team will notify your installer!

Live Support | 100% Covered Maintenance

100% covered system maintenance for all system parts and components— including wiring and inverters.
Toll free unlimited access to our Seattle Operations Center providing live, real-time diagnostics of your system by solar experts.
Complimentary Performance Reports, verifying the health of your system.

Performance, Guaranteed. Or We Pay You!

Every year – if your system generates less than 95% of forecasted energy, we pay you for energy loss even if you experienced a bout of bad weather!  Homeowners are responsible for keeping panels clean and free of shading – but if that happens – we’ll let you know!

Now Available To New Solar Homeowners

Omnidian’s exclusive residential solar protection plan with a 95% Performance Guarantee is now available through select Premier and Elite Solar Dealers nationwide.   

Our Elite Dealers will pay for your first year’s coverage when you purchase your solar system through them and give homeowners the option to renew their subscription to the industry’s leading residential solar protection plan for as little as $13 a month, with absolutely no obligation!  

Where Are Omnidian Protection Plans Currently Available?

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