Solar Without Fear Is Here!95% Performance Guaranteed, 
Or We Pay You

Solar Without Fear Is Here!
95% Performance Guaranteed,
Or We Pay You

Solar is a major, long-term investment. While warranties, service contracts and monitoring apps cover some of the maintenance, none of them offer what we can guarantee — 95% performance or we’ll pay you for the energy lost.

Omnidian has been protecting the residential solar portfolios of our Fortune 1000 clients, representing over 75,000 homeowners nationwide. Now you have access to the technology and protection plans through select premier dealers.

Now Available Through Select Premier Dealers Nationwide


How Does
The Program Work?

We Monitor & Alert

Our state-of-the-art technology monitors your energy generation around the clock. We’ll know you have a performance issue, often before you do. And we’ll alert your installer of the issue for you!

We Manage & Repair

We follow-up and pay for maintenance and repairs on all covered hardware and software system components through our nationwide network of qualified service professionals. 800# customer support is available to every plan participant with real-time system diagnostics as well as service and support status.

We Guarantee Performance

In fact, we guarantee your system’s energy output, regardless of weather. Your plan will cover 95% of promised energy generation every year for the term of your plan. 10 or 20-year coverage options are available, as well as monthly plans for as little as $15.00 a month.

Here's What You Get With
The Industry's Leading Residential Protection Plans

Always-on system monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Proactive service alerts Yes Yes Yes
Reliable performance reports Yes Yes Yes
Worry-free coverage for up to
the lifetime of your system*
Yes Yes
Unlimited on-site visits by Omnidian-qualified solar technicians to resolve solar system performance issues** Yes Yes
100% coverage for maintenance and repairs on your solar system** Yes Yes
95% guarantee of your system’s
expected energy generation
Reimbursement for lost energy*** Yes

*Initial 10 or 20-year terms with flexible renewal options. Plans transferable upon the sale of your home.

**Includes hardware and software components. Excludes out of warranty system components, removal of system for roof repair, clearing foliage, or panel cleaning. If you call us, we will assist you in finding local service professionals.

***Each year, if the system produces less than guaranteed, we will pay for the shortfall minus any pending rollover credit for overproduction. Reimbursement rates vary based on your state.

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Office Hours

Omnidian team members are available 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Monday – Friday, excluding national holidays.

We can contact any dealer you choose to make these Protection Plans available to you. Just let us know where you're located, and if you have a preferred Dealer in mind.