We monitor. We manage.  We ensure performance.

We monitor. We manage.
We ensure performance.

The Omnidian Difference for Homeowners

As part of your solar lease, or power purchase agreement, you are now subscribed to an Omnidian Protection Plan.

Once your system is on-boarded by the owner of your lease or power purchase agreement, our team will use our state-of-the-art technology and advanced predictive analytics to monitor your residential solar system.

Advantages of Omnidian’s Protection Plan

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring
  • Proactive service alerts
  • 100% covered field service for all system hardware and software components
  • Coordination and scheduling with our nationwide network of qualified field service providers
  • Post-service certification of your system’s performance

Call 800.597.9127 to speak with one of our representatives.

Please note that your Omnidian Protection Plan does not include:

  • Removal of trees or foliage which may be blocking your system. Your lease or purchase power agreement may require that your system remain clear of blockage from foliage. We can assist you in locating local service professionals.
  • Removal of your solar system to complete roof repairs. If you call us, we will assist you in finding local service professionals.
  • Panel washing, module cleaning or other cleaning services. However, our team can assist in locating a local, qualified service technician. 

Unparalleled Protection

You’ll have peace of mind knowing we can detect, usually before you even notice, if your solar system is operating at less than optimal performance.

Our technology is able to quickly assess and identify the probable cause of a performance problem, including blockage from foliage or weather-related conditions. Using our relationships with a comprehensive nationwide network of pre-qualified maintenance and service providers, our team will proactively reach out to you via e-mail or phone and assist you in scheduling and resolving the issue as fast as possible. When your service is complete, we’ll run diagnostic tests to ensure your system is back up and running at maximum performance.

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